Insights that drive improvement.

K12 Lift makes current academic improvement efforts more impactful by shortening the distance between testing and useful insights for teachers, principals, and students.

We equip educators with personalized data tools designed to answer important questions.

Is my Tier 1 instruction effective? For whom?

Are my K2 students learning quickly enough?

Are my interventions working? For whom?

Who is already getting great results with students like mine?

And we build their capacity to use the tools in ways that leave them feeling...


In terms of whether students are learning quickly enough, growth rates are equitable, and instruction is improving over time


To name what they don’t know; ask for what they need; and teach differently, not harder, when results are not what they want (yet!)


By what they come to believe is possible when learning from positive outliers and experimenting as a team.

Does it work?

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K12 Lift aims to increase equity and joy in public education by helping principals and teachers learn from student academic outcomes and one another.

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